All artwork (doodles, etc) is created by and copyright of 'Trick Slattery. I ('Trick Slattery) give you permission to use any of the works on this page for free as long as the work is unaltered (resizing or increasing/reducing contrast is okay) and a link is provided back to or Click on the thumbnail for the larger image that you can download (Right click and Save). All images are .jpg and shrunk in size. If you require a larger image please contact me via email. I may be able to accomodate you. The artwork I am using for my own blog ( I prefer to keep unique, so if you use my artwork, please only keep it to works located here at If you see it here you know it is safe to use. I will be adding new doodles every now and again (as I sketch 'em up and scan 'em in) so check back later. Subscribe to my blog if you want to stay up to date. I do not overload my blog with posts and I do post a new blog when I add a new doodle. Many of these can also be found and downloaded from .

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'Trick Slattery

GrobbogglerHive MindRabbitBig Eyed Cartoon GirlOld ZombieWinged Fawnwinged fawn colorAlien PodFlower Pouterfuzzballold dragonscaredy mouseyipesdoggiefaehat guyturtle islandweirdmermaidfurrythingsalien chickbeetreeelfscaredybotoddfishfurry gliderwindow alienhooded guypumpkin headwolftreescrustaceanflyingkittenlifehelmetsturkeyslegbotbigmouthssmokingfroggeekalienbandbabychickbigearedkidboxingaliendragonmoonfairycatlike humanoidheadphone pupratty ratremote birdiechipmunktermiteriderladybugriderflyflierspiderridergrasshoppercontrollercaterpillarsurferhumbatdragonwingeddaymarecaterflydaisydesertvulpixskyhorsebackseatdrivergobpixiefuzzyowlbugacrobatsnoideawarriormouseone legged strped billed bucky birdnest topped jakfrog dogalien pet walkorkie doodle



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